9 ways to WOW your loved ones

    9 Ways to Wow Loved Ones

    9 Ways to Wow Loved Ones

    Couples aren’t the only ones challenged to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Here are a few low-cost (or no cost) ideas for all the Valentines in your life:

    For couples. Write a handwritten letter to express everything you feel about having that special someone in your life. Mention specific things you rarely say aloud.

    For friends. Host a marathon of your favorite TV show or movie genre with four or five of your friends. Prerecord shows on TV, stream movies or watch a set of DVDs you already own.

    For kids away at school. They may act like they’re “fine,” but they still miss you and the comforts of home. So send an invitation (or reservation) to their favorite home-cooked meal served “on request” over their next school break.

    For elderly relatives or neighbors. Seniors can sometimes feel isolated. Give them a coupon for free housekeeping, a movie night with all the snacks included, or an unscheduled “anytime visit” to make them feel cared for.

    For younger kids (or big kids at heart!). Build a fort out of cushions and sheets in the living room (or pitch a small tent if you have one). Then spend the evening playing cards or board games or streaming movies.

    For teens. You remember how it was. Even teenagers need a break sometimes. Why not offer to do their chores for one day but still pay their full allowance!

    For groups. Plan and cook a fun meal together. If you split the cost and the prep, you’ll enjoy an inexpensive treat requiring less stress than eating out on a busy holiday.

    For people in need. Lots of people find themselves alone at all times of the year, so if you’re free, try volunteering at a local soup kitchen or retirement village, which may need help hosting Valentine’s Day activities. Or spend a night clearing storage spaces around the house for donating.

    For loved ones far, far away. We’ve all got someone special who we haven’t seen in a while because they don’t live nearby. Send your long-distance loves an invitation to an uninterrupted 20-minute Skype or FaceTime call.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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