Can the credit bureau sell your contact information?

    Important Message from one of our local lenders that you need to know about.

    Did you know the credit bureaus can legally sell your information to 3rd parties without their permission?  This is a common phenomenon that is explained in detail in the attached flyer – trigger-leads.

    I have developed this flyer for you to provide to your new buyers at first contact, even before you refer them to me for pre-approval.  While I appreciate and thank you for your confidence in me and my company, you may not want “Brand X” soliciting your customer for mortgage or real estate services.

    If you have any questions on how to best utilize this information to benefit your buyers please call me anytime.


    Lowell Lilley  NMLS#163057 | Licensed Mortgage Professional
    Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC NMLS#93718
    Direct: (480) 397-5012 • Fax: (480) 223-9190


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