How Ready is Your Home for the Unexpected? 

    Written by Charlotte Confer, DHSG Marketing Assistant

    We all seek a home that is our place of refuge, peace and comfort.  Some of us even have those special go to comfort or reassurance items stocked up in our home.  Chamomile tea for a calm evening, a special fragranced  candle to always on hand or ingredients to bake up something special for unexpected visitors.  This type of preparedness helps us feel more secure about maintaining that home of peace and comfort.  Though there may be a type of preparedness you are not ready for in your home, emergency preparedness.  Putting together an emergency kit and plan for your home may be on your to do list, you know that one we get to when we have time.  The thing is though, emergencies usually happen when we least expect them.  It’s at these times being prepared makes the difference in providing some peace, safety or comfort in a time of unknown. There are many wonderful sources to find lists and suggestions for home preparedness.  Take some time this evening to talk with your family about making an emergency plan if you don’t already have one or to review the one you already have in place.  The following is a helpful link to get you started.

    Consider sharing below any steps your family has taken in  developing an emergency plan or other tips/resources you have found that may be find helpful to others. 

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