Organize Your…Everything

    Organizing a visual environment can be challenging, though the rewards of your hard work and progress can be seen by you and others.  While organizing your schedule and to-do lists can be as just as, if not more, challenging the fruits of your labor in this effort are not on display for all to see.  Though miss one important to do item, say pay your utility bills, and the effects of that mishap may have impacts on your comfort, wallet, credit score etc.  

    The biggest challenge in staying in control, of what ultimately makes us effective and productive members of our families, businesses and community, is finding an organizational system that will be both effective and easy to use.  Of course, bonus points are given to any system you develop that also provides you a tangible way to measure your success and accomplishments of staying on track with all your to-do items.  Check out these great ideas for starting to organize starting or fine tuning your… everything.  Further reading:

    to do list

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