Phoenix Real Estate Market Report for March 2016

    Exactly what is the Phoenix real estate market doing? Are home prices going up, staying the same or declining? In this short video we give you a recap of the market numbers. After watching this video feel free to download the full version of the market report by clicking here – real estate.march-2016


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    2 Responses to “Phoenix Real Estate Market Report for March 2016”

    • John jacobs

      Written on

      Sales and price increases must have been pretty selective, because in my area homes are not moving, prices have not moved above 2004 prices, etc. Maybe in Scottsdale and PV homes are selling;and homes below 400K are selling, but this is still very much a buyers market.

      • Jay Otlewski

        Written on

        John, This information is based on the entire MLS market which is basically all of Maricopa County. Each sub-market within our area can be up or down and usually based on price range. We’ve notice in the west valley that homes under 250,000 are selling quite well but when you get over 300,000 the market is a little softer. Some of that is the recession that we’ve never really came out of. Thanks for watching this and if there’s anything we can do for you please ask


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