Start a Positive Yourself and in your World

    Written by Charlotte Confer, DHSG Marketing Assistant

    Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments in life in which we have thought, I can’t do it, I won’t succeed, this is impossible or what was I thinking?  Now fill in the blank as to how you proceeded after those thoughts?___________  For most of us, enduring through these times are difficult and it is not uncommon for some to throw in the towel or feel discouraged.  Now consider if we had someone with us at those moments, cheering us on, building us up and speaking positive and encouraging words in our lives. A voice helping us see that maybe the course you were pursuing was off a few degrees, maybe it was to serve to help you identify a strength you did not know you had, or maybe it was to help increase your passion for pursuing an even better plan you never even considered before.  That voice of encouragement can come from a source of strength, from another or from within ourselves.  Once we begin to  look at everyone as individuals with their own unique strengths, we will then be able to consider the honor it is to be that supportive influence to ourselves and to those around us. So go ahead, dare to think of the unthinkable, pursue it, and be flexible to follow the path in front of you whichever direction it may sway.

    Watch this great video, it will leave you smiling and ready to start a positive movement in yourself and in your world..

    Share a story below  of how you have been impacted by someone’s encouragement or a time in which you believed in yourself even when the cards were down.

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