There’s no inventory….really??

    There’s no inventory, there is nothing in the price range in the neighborhood I want to live in… you ever feel like this?

    Let’s address this to help alleviate some of your anxiety. First, there is plenty of inventory in your price range.  Yes, that is right, there are houses that fit your budget available for purchase.  There is low inventory in some neighborhoods, yes, but there are similar areas with homes that meet your criteria at your budget parameters.

    If you are working with a skilled real estate professional not only do they have access to all of the listings as they become active, but they also work their sphere of agents to seek out pocket listings or listings that are going to hit the market soon but aren’t advertised yet.  There is more than one resource that great agents will utilize to locate a home for their client.

    So keep in mind that first, you don’t need a million dollars in the bank to afford the down payment on a home.  You also don’t need to have a spotless credit report that includes having kept your lunch account payments current in elementary school.  Last, there is inventory in your price range, and no that doesn’t mean I’m going to show you a selection of deluxe tents set up at the park in the neighborhood you are searching in.

    In summary, who you work with matters, so choose to work with a real estate professional that can successfully guide you through the process of finding your dream home.  We would be happy to assist you, so contact us today at …….

    Greg Alger at Desert Home Premier Realty

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