When Driving is Part Your Arizona Lifestyle

    When driving is one of the best parts of your Arizona lifestyle, you may own a golf cart or ATV.  Let’s face it, for many fun, active and engaged living is part of being a resident of Arizona.  For many visitors to the West Valley there may be much surprise at the number of ATVs being used as transportation within and around communities.   While owners need to take steps to license, insure and make sure their ATVs are “street legal”, they still beat a soft top or convertible when it comes to providing their passengers an increase in the number of comfortable ride days throughout the year. For the creative bunches, you may also spot these vehicles decorated and driven in parades or spooked out for Arizona trick or treating.

    Important to note: district-golfcartThese  vehicles can only legally be driven on streets with a posted limit of 35 MPH or under.  With an increase in the number of master planned and golf course communities, many families are opting for this alternative transportation to get around to schools, church, shopping, restaurants, pools and club houses that are located within their community walls.  Golf cart consideration; With our high temps and annual monsoon activity, ATVs may be easier and less costly to maintain if stored indoors during inclement weather.

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    Written by Charlotte Confer, Marketing Manager, DHSG


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