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    The city of Goodyear has a rich and colorful history. In 1916, during World War I, the Goodyear Rubber Company (headquartered in Akron, Ohio) was searching for a new location to grow cotton to help in the manufacturing of this highly versatile fiber. Their current supply was coming from Egypt and was being slowly destroyed by a cotton-eating insect known as the boll weevil. Executives from the Goodyear company had heard that the climate out in the West was similar to the Egyptian desert, so they sent one of their up-and-coming executives, Paul Litchfield, to scout out the area.

    In 1946, the town of Goodyear, with a population of 1,500, was incorporated adjacent to the Naval Air Facility. By 1980, the population had doubled, and in 1985 the residents voted for their town to become a city. Currently, Goodyear encompasses an area of approximately 130 square miles of sprawling real estate dotted with a variety of homes and home-styles ranging from middle-income to high-end estates. Currently, over 60,000 people call Goodyear home.

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