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    Not every agent is created equally! These days we have buyer agents as well as seller agents, do you know the difference? Still trying to decide where you want to retire? Not sure Phoenix is your first choice? Why not come out and try it for yourself?
    Exactly what is the difference between the 2? Is one better than the other? We dive into the differences and hopefully get you thinking about the direction you want So you hear a lot about retirees using golf carts to get around. Still confused on how this works? We can help explain this in our short video
    Thinking about coming out here for the golf? Maybe you have other interests and we explore the offerings in Phoenix in the over 55 communities. Want to go deeper into the questions about golf courses, the best ones, the least expensive and which communities do not have a golf course.
    Worried about how high the Rec Center fees will go? Maybe you’ve heard rumors about increases. In this short video we explain how the communities handle them So how many different fees do the active adult communities have? Why is there a rec center and HOA? Let us explain in this short video
    What exactly are home prices doing here in Phoenix? Should you wait to see what happens or jump in with both feet? Let us give you a few thoughts on that. Healthy? Do you expect to always be healthy or do you think there will come a time you will need medical care? Let us give you a few things to think about.
    Just how many recreation centers do the over 55 communities in Phoenix have? Do they need more than 1? We give you all the answers in this short video Do you need representation when looking at new construction? Who does the builders’ sales person work for…your best interest or the builder?
    Can’t you just hire any agent? Does it really make a difference or are they all the same. We give you a good look at what you should expect when home shopping. Like hitting the stores once in awhile? Which communities are close to shopping and which ones might drive you crazy with all the driving?
    Don’t like paying taxes? Wish you could find a community with lower property taxes? We talk about this and more so take a look at this short video You’re moving to a new area, don’t know a lot of people so just how easy is it to make friends in the active adult communities near Phoenix? Listen and learn.
    You have a couple of choices when it comes to the age of the home. We talk about the different communities and the ages of the homes in each in this short video What happens if you drop in an open house or builder with your agent? Can they still represent you? Give us 4 minutes and we’ll give you the answers
    You really want a pool in your backyard, is it really worth it? We explore the differences of having it in your yard vs. using the communities’ pool. Which over 55 communities has the best outdoor pools? How about the ones with indoor pools? We talk about the differences and put you on the track
    Are there still homes for rent in the Phoenix active adult communities? Is it better to buy or rent a home? Just a few things we talk about in this short video. What’s the difference? Is on better than the other? Let’s explore this topic together in this video so you’re armed with the correct information when making a decision
    Own a RV and want to know where you can park it? Can you store it right in your community? If not what are your options nearby and low cost? Do you know which communities are the largest? How about the smaller ones, are they good also? We talk about all of the Phoenix over 55 communities.
    Think everyone leaves in the summer? Are you going to be snowbirds and leave in the summers? We help explain how this affects you. Want to spend a couple days in a community when you come to buy? You can learn a lot about a community by meeting people and accessing the amenities. We can help!
    Like Tennis or Pickleball? Not sure what Pickleball is? We explain how this sport has exploded over the last 10 years and why you should check it out. How much are they? Who pays what? We give you the straight scoop on the fees in the adult communities in this short video
    Do you like to travel? Would it be fun to go with a group from your community? In this short video we give you the details on which over 55 communities do it. What‘s all the fuss about over 55 communities? Why should you consider this as an option? We cover a lot of details in this video about why you should look at it
    Doesn’t every agent know about the active adult communities? What happens if you find an agent that doesn’t know? Can that really affect your purchase? Are you a fan of the arts and crafts? Would you like to learn a new craft like woodworking or scrapbooking? In this video we explore your options
    Not ready to fully retire? Maybe you always wanted to volunteer! We explore all the options you would have in the active adult communities here in Phoenix Exactly how does an agent help with the builder? Isn’t it cut and dry? We talk about how we can work for your best interests when talking to a builder’s salesperson.
    I’m retiring…I don’t want a lot of yard work! Just how much work is there when I buy a home in Phoenix? We help you understand what it means to live here. There’s a lot fees listed on different websites. What is the cap asset/preservation fee? Why transfer fees? We explain how each community have different fees

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